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Chris Callaghan

Hello, I’m Chris Callaghan, a Children’s Author of a chocolatey book and a brand new series of action and adventure books.

Some people say that I am staggeringly handsome with a razor sharp brain and an amazing sense of humour. Although to be honest, the people who say that are usually my imaginary friends.

I’m married to Donna, who is not imaginary and is a real Headteacher at a local Primary School, and I’m a proud Dad to my beautiful daughter.

It is also my pleasure to be a Beanstalk Reading Volunteer at a local school, where I visit a few times a week and have one to one sessions with young readers to develop their love of reading. I’m also flattered to be the Patron of Reading at a primary school in Croydon, London. I’m helping (I hope) to encourage reading for pleasure across the whole school.

I’ve had a number of different jobs, starting when I was sixteen on a ‘Pick n Mix’ counter in a supermarket (we were sometimes allowed to treat ourselves to a few goodies – my favourites were the sherbet flying saucers!) After that I joined the Royal Air Force where I worked with jet fighters. The jets were very noisy and I was always covered with oil and dirt. I had a great time and got to see a lot of the world, making some fantastic friends along the way. I later became an environmental scientist where I would visit different places and test for pollution. I got to see inside factories that made cars, crisps, yorkshire puddings and one place that made real money (a security guard would follow me around all day in case I filled my pockets with some of their cash!).

Once my daughter was born, I gave up my job to be a Stay-at-Home-Dad. I became a master of wiping up sticky messes and washing teeny tiny clothes. In between stinking nappies and a snoozing baby, I found a little time to do some writing. I’ve always enjoyed making up stories since I was young, but rarely had the time. As my little monkey grew older, we would write stories together and come up with lots of crazy ideas. My favourite time of the day is walking into school with her. We get to talk about lots of stuff and always have a giggle. She usually lets me know if an idea is any good or if it is a bit rubbish!

Yummy Choc BarReading and writing are my two favourite things (after wine gums – I really love wine gums!). Roald Dahl is one of my favourite authors and I am a huge fan of the Sherlock Holmes stories. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, is my all time favourite book. It is silly and funny and completely fantastic. After being encouraged by my wonderful wife and daughter, I have been spending more time writing lately. I love to make up new characters and put them into strange situations. The characters often feel quite real to me and I am always curious to find out how they react and what will happen next.

I like to relax by listening to music or watching Doctor Who and Danger Mouse. One last thing: I also happen to be the greatest dancer in the world. At least, that is what my imaginary friends tell me!

I hope you enjoy my work, and I’d love to hear from you, so follow me on social media – I often gibber away on Twitter or put badly composed pics on Instagram, I post random chocolate related stuff on my Facebook Author page and am happy to connect with booky people on my normal Facebook page too. All contact details are here. You can also see me introduce my story here on youtube, if you like that kind of thing! I look forward to sharing my story with you and hopefully hearing about yours!

Chocolatey wishes,


Regardless of my face, I quite enjoyed working with jets!!

Regardless of my face, I quite enjoyed working with jets!!

It's not all about washing the dishes!

Being a Stay-At-Home Dad is a serious business!