Shinoy and the Chaos Crew

Shinoy and the Chaos Crew created by Chris Callaghan

Shinoy is a young boy who loves adventure.

His favourite TV programme is ‘The Chaos Crew’ who are a team of action heroes from another reality in a constant battle with their enemy, the dastardly S.N.A.I.R..

Shinoy downloads a ‘Chaos Crew’ app to his phone which has a glitch. This glitch creates a link between Shinoy’s world and the world of his heroes, meaning with the press of a button he can …

“Call to action … Chaos Crew!”

Created and written by Chris Callaghan, alongside Zoë Clarke (who wrote 7 stories) and illustrated by Amit Tayal. Published as part of the Collins Big Cat series.

These are stories crammed with action and adventure, full of crazy characters and even crazier situations. Ideal for all young readers but written especially with reluctant readers in mind.

Shinoy and the Chaos Crew is a 48 book series, which are banded for guided and independent reading, with reading notes in the back, comprehensive teaching and assessment support with ebooks and FREE lesson plans available.

There are 24 Reading Books …

Shinoy and the Chaos Crew by Chris Callaghan Published by Collins Big Cat and Harper Collins

12 Graphic Novels continue Shinoy’s adventures in dramatic style …

Whether it is an accidental visit to the Moon, a rogue T Rex, a strange event in the Science Museum or the world spinning the wrong way, these are a visual treat packed with action.

And there are Non-Fiction books too …

Written by amazing authors and using ideas from Chris Callaghan’s series, these books explain some of the incredible real-life principles encountered in Shinoy’s adventures.

Shinoy and the Chaos Crew created by Chris Callaghan Reviews
Shinoy and the Chaos Crew by Chris Callaghan
Shinoy and the Chaos Crew by Chris Callaghan

The Shinoy and the Chaos Crew series has been shortlisted in the Teach Primary Awards 2021

A huge honour for these to be in such amazing company.

Shinoy and the Chaos Crew, Chris Callaghan, Teach Primary Awards

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Here is Chris reading The Day of the Baffling Books

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But watch out … S.N.A.I.R. is on the loose!!!!