The Great Chocoplot

The Great Chocoplot by Chris Callaghan

“In six days there will be no more chocolate in the world … ever!”

That’s how the story starts. The story of The Chocopocalypse!!!!

The Great Chocoplot Gari and Jelly by Chris Callaghan
The Great Chocoplot Plot by Chris Callaghan
The Great Chocoplot UK Reviews by Chris Callaghan

Reviews from the US version of ‘The Great Chocoplot’ called ‘The Chocopocalypse’.

The Chocopocalypse by Chris Callaghan US Reviews

Kirkus Reviews & School Library Journal

‘The Great Chocoplot’ is one of

The Reader Teacher’s Top 100 Books for Year 4

Thank you, Scott!!

The fantastic Books for Topics website has included ‘The Great Chocoplot’ as part of their 50 Recommended Reads for Year 4.

Check out their website here, where you can download a handy poster and checklist for your classroom.

Thank you, Alison (at Books for Topics) for choosing Chocoplot!

The Great Chocoplot in Books for Topics Top 50 books for Year 4

If You Like Roald Dahl You’ll Like ‘The Great Chocoplot’

So say The Reader Teacher and Books For Topics

Here is ‘The Great Chocoplot’ author, Chris Callaghan, reading Chapter One


Where to get a copy?

Please support your local libraries and bookshops.

Forum Books, Drake the Bookshop, Seven Stories and Waterstones Durham have been particularly amazing Chocoplot Heroes, so please get in touch with them.

But to buy online:

United Kingdom:   Bookshop UK    Waterstones   Hive   Book Depository   Amazon

United States of America:   Penguin Random House

Germany:   Amazon

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Read All About it!

If you want to read the first chapter of The Great Chocoplot click here and see if it tingles your appetite for more!!

For a special extra bonus, there is a deleted chapter here. It was a scene removed during the final stages of editing and it was taken out purely to keep the word count down. It’s a bit of fun and happens between Chapters 11 & 12 where Jelly and Gran experience some of the crazy rioting that happens because of the imminent Chocopocalypse. But it’s best if you don’t read it without reading the rest of the story first!!

News of The Great Chocoplot and The Chocopocalypse is spreading out across the world.

Here are some of the countries where it has arrived!!

The UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Slovakia, Romania, The Czech Republic, Germany and The United States of America. It is soon to arrive in Iran!!

Awards and Honours!

The Reading Agency’s Recommended Reads for the Summer Reading Challenge

Shortlisted in

the Stockton Children’s Book of the Year Award

the Lancashire Fantastic Book Awards

the Cumbrian Primary School Book Award

the Tees Valley Education Book of the Year Award

but it has actually WON

the Worcestershire’s Awesomest Book Award 2017!!!!!

How awesome is that?!

Chris has also been invited to talk about his book at The Roald Dahl Museum during previous Easter Holidays and is back this Easter!

A huge chocolatey honour indeed!!


Worcestershire's Awesomest Book Award, The Great Chocoplot, Chris Callaghan, Chocopocalypse
Winning Worcestershire’s Awesomest Book Award


Love Your Local Library

My local libraries have been wonderful to me and my book. They have shouted ‘Chocopocalypse!’ louder than anyone.

I am especially grateful to North Tyneside, Stockton, Middlesbrough, Durham and Gateshead Libraries.

Thank you!


Why not check out a delicious chocolatey article I wrote for

The Guardian here?

Chris Callaghan, author of The Great Chocoplot, Ten reasons why you should eat chocolate while reading.