Daily archives: 29/08/2017


This week (31st August) sees the German release of ‘The Great Chocoplot’, which has the fantastic title of ‘Schokopokalypse’.

I love flicking through translated versions and trying to spot words or phrases that I recognise – without being able to speak the language. It’s great to hear that the editors and translator have had fun playing around with all the silly names I’ve made up. In this German version, Jelly and her family don’t live in Chompton-on-de-Lyte, but in the wonderfully sounding Mampfon-an-der-Freude! I think I’d like to live there and am looking forward to hearing how it all sounds on the German audio version too!!

I am delighted and honoured that the lovely people of Chicken House Deutschland have brought Jelly (and the Chocopocalypse) to their wonderful country. I am excited to hear what the German readers think of my silly story!!

Die Schokopokalypse kommt nach Deutschland !!!