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Little Big Book Club with Extra Chaos!

Chris Callaghan holding Shinoy and the Chaos Crew Mission: Pirate Puzzle as part of The National Literacy Trust and HarperCollins Little Big Book Club

I am absolutely thrilled that one of my ‘Shinoy & the Chaos Crew’ graphic novels – Mission: Pirate Puzzle – has been chosen to be part of The National Literacy Trust & HarperCollinsLittle Big Book Club.

A fantastic scheme that allows children to choose free books to keep and read. More details here.

It’s alongside such literary greats as Paddington, Barry Loser, Michael Morpurgo and *dramatic pause* … Ant & Dec!

Chaos Crew Artwork by the fabulous Amit Tayal

The Little Big Book Club with Chris Callaghan
The Little Big Book Club with Chris Callaghan

Get a sneaky peak into ‘Mission: Pirate Puzzle’ here.

Mission: Pirate Puzzle by Chris Callaghan and Amit Tayal

Scary Faced Author!

I didn’t realise how scary my face was on virtual school visits! Or how much time I spend waving!
Huge thanks to Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School for inviting me into their classroom last week. It was great (and terrifying) to see this compilation of pictures from the opposite view of what I normally get.

The Great Chocoplot Author, Chris Callaghan, virtually visits Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School

Unfortunately, due to medical issues, I’m not able to do in-person events just now (although I’m hopeful that will change in the next few months), but it’s great fun to be able to connect with keen young readers and writers via whizzy technology.
I’m very grateful to Mrs Hodge and classes 4H and 4S for being such a friendly and enthusiastic audience.

(Photo taken from Twitter and used with permission)

Roald Dahl and The Great Chocoplot??

There’s been a lot of talk about the Roald Dahl stories lately, so here’s a polite reminder that


But if you are after a Dahl-esque vibe (without the controversy!) then it is delicious of The Reader Teacher and Books For Topics to include ‘The Great Chocoplot’ in their ‘BookMatch’ & ‘Branching Out’ selections.

Download these marvellous posters from The Reader Teacher here and from Books For Topics here.

There are so many more books beyond the publicity displays and hype!